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To check availability, obtain a quote or make any other enquiry contact Bandleader/Manager Lucas Evans (BA Music Performance, Melbourne University/Victorian College of the Arts) now on (+61) 0410 466 439 or at


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Please include….

– Event date & proposed times/number of hours (eg 6 to 11pm or 2 to 4pm etc)

– Event type (eg Wedding, Corporate, Public performance)

– Venue name and location (for travel, equipment and loading purposes)

– Proposed number of guests (for equipment, line-up purposes)

– Please include a mobile number as you will be sent a confirmation text that your quote has been emailed


Lucas Evans
BA Music Performance
(Melbourne University/Victorian College of the Arts)
Bandleader / Manager
Orlando Combo
Sandford street
Phone: (+61) 0410 466 439
ABN: 17 566 291 535

Bandleader/Manager – Lucas Evans, BA Music Performance (Melbourne University/VCA 2000)